Maple Trees

Love Creek Nursery

We began to grow Bigtooth Maple Trees in 1982 and have become steadily more popular every year since then as more and more people have become acquainted with them.   In 2005 they had become so popular that the demand for the available trees began to exceed the supply. There has been a serious shortage since then.  For the last several years we have focused all of our attention on growing as many of these beautiful trees as we could.   We are happy to say that we now have a large supply of maples in both 5 and 15 gallon containers ready for sale.

Bigtooth Maple Prices

5-Gallon Plastic Containers – $39.95
(Plants 3 ½’ to 4 ½’ tall)

15-Gallon Above Ground Cloth Containers – $150.00
(Plants 6’ to 8 ½’ tall, about 1” caliper)

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. F.O.B. Medina, TX.

Wholesale & Landscapers

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Pickup or Delivery

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We are the principal supplier of Bigtooth Maples (Acer grandidentatum ) in Texas and have a
large supply of Bigtooth maples available.